Science research groups Faculty of Engineering & Science

Biology and Biotechnology Research Group
Multidiscipline bioscience and algal biotechnology research.

Biomedical Science Research Group
Understanding infectious agents and their impact on host immune response. 

Centre for Science and Medicine in Sport and Exercise
Research in sport science and human performance disciplines.

Centre for Innovation in Process Engineering and Research (CIPER)
Excellence in advanced process engineering

Materials and Analysis Research Group
Innovation in the development and characterisation of advanced materials.

Medway Centre for Pharmaceutical Science
Centre of excellence in the areas of pre-formulation and formulation science

Medway Metabonomics Research Group
Delivering predictive medicine through metabonomics and pharmacometabonomics.

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Science
Excellence in medicinal products and their pharmaceutical delivery.

Developing technology for combining CO2 with solid waste to rapidly form carbonate-cemented eco-construction materials.

South East England NMR Centre of Excellence
The South East England NRM Centre of Excellence explores a range of science disciplines evaluating the impact of teaching innovations and the use of modern technology on student learning.