A key focus of research within the Biomedical Science Group is the development of our understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms of infectious agents and the impact these infectious agents play on the host immune response.

This interest also extends to the molecular pathology of many other conditions such as cancer. One particular interest is the effect on disease manifestation and burden on the host organism. Our investigation aims to clarify the cytokine expression profiles in response to challenge, apoptotic pathways, circadian rhythms and infection, as well as the investigation of the cellular trafficking pathways and strategies to modulate both the life cycle and immunological responses to infectious agents for therapeutic intervention. Our work here principally focuses on bacterial virulence factors and protozoal organisms (e.g., Leishmania spp.). A second strand of investigation is the development and delivery of interventions based upon siRNA and antisense modalities. These are particularly relevant to the eradication of viral infection and the management of a variety of neoplasia.

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