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The Medway Centre for Pharmaceutical Science is an internationally recognized centre of excellence in the areas of pre-formulation and formulation science. The centre was launched in 1999 and currently draws together some of the country's leading experts in pharmaceutical science.

It's staff comprises of senior University of Greenwich academics with industrial experience, supported by industrialist consultants. They work to contemporary industrial time, quality and cost expectations, and employ early career researchers whom they teach to contribute. The early career researchers are supported by academic staff and consultants to deliver high quality and timely data whilst gaining the skills and experience to become the next generation of scientific leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

All participants work in collaboration with international industrial and academic partners in solving contemporary analytical research problems relating to drug analysis/stability, formulation and delivery (organic and bio-polymeric materials). At the same time the centre conducts innovative research for the development and analysis of new materials of pharmaceutical significance which can be exploited by both industry and academia.

Post-doctoral research fellows, employed by the Medway Centre for Pharmaceutical Science through University of Greenwich, may be physically located within the research and development laboratories at Medway or in partner organisations. Centre staff have been responsible for the organisation of a number of national and international conferences and are also invited to present many plenary and keynote lectures.

We design medicines that express optimum biology supported by advanced analytical chemistry and quality risk management processes. When your API and drug product development process reaches the point where clinical trial supplies are made and ICH* stability studies conducted, you can be sure of success.

The centre does not 'gold-plate' early stage development; they give you usable formulations with the consumption of minimal API and help manage scientific, technical and financial risk. If the API simply lacks the qualities necessary to become an effective new medicine, they will tell you why and how best to redesign your molecules to create new opportunities.

*International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use