News and events Medway Metabonomics Research Group

Presentations by Professor Jeremy Everett

"New Approaches to Personalised Medicine via Pharmacometabonomics", Life Science R&D Big Data leader’s Forum, Basel, CH, 4 December 2013

"Personalised Medicine: Getting the Right Medicine to the Right Patient" University of Greenwich, Faculty of Engineering & Science, Public Lecture Series, Chatham Maritime. 30 October 2013

"From Metabonomics to Pharmacometabonomics: an important new paradigm for precision medicine". 3rd World Discovery Online Conference on-line 17 October 2013

"Pharmacometabonomics: an important new paradigm for precision medicine". NG30 Drug Discovery Europe, Madrid. 9-11 September 2013

"Describing the Past and Predicting the Future: The Journey through Metabonomics and Pharmacometabonomics". Discovery Summit 2013, Monte Carlo, Monaco. 22 March 2013


Medway Metabonomics Research Group is part of the Faculty of Engineering & Science, University of Greenwich.