The group works on the development of novel therapies for various applications such as anticancer delivery and wound healing using advanced technologies to enhance efficacy and reduce risk to patients.

We create new methodologies for the synthesis of biologically active compounds and have the expertise for designing novel formulations and delivery mechanisms that can stabilize, carry and deliver drugs to the required site within the recipient. Technologies at our disposal include the manufacture of pharmaceutical co-crystals embedded in extruded structures (e.g. films, medical implants) either by Hot Melt Extrusion or 3D printing. We are also involved in process engineering using green technologies such as continuous extrusion granulation, supercritical fluid extraction and freeze –drying.

Members of Staff

Adrian Dobbs (Group leader)

Dennis Douroumis (Group leader)

John Mitchell (Group leader)

Joshua Boateng

Jeremy Everett                                   

Mike Leach

Solomon Habtemariam

Martin Snowden

Vivek Trevedi

Steve Wicks