NMR spectroscopy constitutes arguably the most powerful non-invasive, non-destructive technique for characterizing the structure, dynamics and conformation of both individual molecules and assemblies of molecules.

A myriad of one- and multi-dimensional NMR experiments may be conducted that yield information on atom-atom connectivity, connections through space, interactions, associations and binding.

The NMR Centre is equipped with five spectrometers ranging from 2-500MHz. Particular strengths exist in the following areas: (i) measurement of diffusion coefficients and relaxation rates, and the analysis of these parameters to yield unique structural insights of colloidal and self-assembling systems; (ii) measurement of metabonomics and pharmacometabonomics data on biological fluids and cell extracts in order to gain insights into the functioning; (iii) structure determination of small organic molecules, including natural products and (iv) physical organic mechanistic and reactivity studies, including quantitative measurements of reactivity and acidity.

The centre is housed in two purpose-designed laboratories at the Medway Campus of the University of Greenwich in Chatham Maritime. As part of the Faculty of Engineering & Science, the centre underpins much of the interdisciplinary research underway within a number of departments.