Design, manufacturing and innovative products Faculty of Engineering & Science

Engineering design in practice

All products, services and systems need to be designed. Our research into design addresses many aspects of design, from understanding the requirements to be met to the conceptual creation of innovative solutions and on to methods of making design processes themselves more effective. The research undertaken includes world-leading research in inclusive and user-centred design. The Centre for Innovative Product Development & Manufacturing (CIPDM) carries out strategic research and consultancy in the increasingly competitive manufacturing sector in areas such as new product development; collaboration between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers; digital and sustainable manufacturing; information and knowledge management; and product lifecycle management. The centre focuses on new enabling technologies, and methods and processes for the design, manufacturing and servicing of high value complex engineering products and systems in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and general manufacturing sectors.


Topics covered by this research theme include (but are not limited to):

  • Engineering design and process modelling
  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Digital manufacturing and manufacturing systems
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Design for manufacturing

Members of staff

PhD Students

  • Tim Saunders
  • Muni Prasad
  • Ross Eadie
  • Mohammed Elsouri