Engineering enterprise Faculty of Engineering & Science

Improving the profitability and viability of industry through engineering

Engineering skills and knowledge can benefit enterprise operations in many ways. Improved manufacturing approaches can reduce costs, improve responsiveness and maximise profitability. Optimisation and planning research can streamline many areas of business. Developing whole-system models can identify opportunities for improving efficiency that more micro models cannot see. Our research addresses all of these issues, coupled with specialist expertise in industries such as shipping, maritime and transport security and automotive industries.


Topics covered by this research theme include (but are not limited to):

  • Shipping and shipping management
  • Maritime and transport security
  • Piracy, money and people trafficking, including terror finance
  • IT management for businesses
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Automotive engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Optimisation and planning
  • Systems engineering
  • Engineering business and project management

Members of staff