Future technology and the Internet of Things Faculty of Engineering & Science

Developing the next generation of computer and smart technologies

The digital world is changing from a world of computers to a world of connected smart devices and intelligent systems embedded in the environment, commonly described as the Internet of Things. The future of technology is increasingly focused on bringing the virtual world into the real world through innovations such as home automation systems and smart watches. At the same time, there are hardware advances such as robots that can vacuum your floors, walk, dance, and even climb stairs. Developments in sensing technology allow people to play with games consoles by simply waving their arms. These trends will gain pace as technology moves away from the keyboard and screen to become truly embedded in the environment around you. The move towards smart interconnected devices is going to be as revolutionary as the advent of personal computing, but will only be successful if companies can combine the traditional disciplines of computing and engineering to develop a new generation of intelligent systems that are designed to integrate together seamlessly. Underpinning this development is the growth in ubiquity and variety of communication technologies. Everywhere around us, data is being transmitted, received and processed. Our research also addresses all the different forms and aspects of communication, including mobile and wireless communications, electrical signal processing, information theory and radio frequency (RF) engineering.


Topics covered by this research theme include (but are not limited to):

  • Machine Intelligence
  • Speech, voice, sound and image recognition
  • User-centred design
  • Robotics/mechatronics
  • Security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Wearable computing and smart environments
  • Methods of data and message encoding
  • Microwave and antenna design for next generation wireless and satellite systems
  • Next generation mobile networks and technologies
  • Distributed communication networks

Members of staff

PhD Students

  • Mr Abdallah Al-Shawabkeh
  • Mr Mostafa Aly
  • Mr Dushan Balisson
  • Mr Basel Barakat
  • Mr Hazem Eissa
  • Ms Amira Eltokhy
  • Mr Emmanuel Eze
  • Mr Ahmed Farhat
  • Mr Martin Kinch
  • Ms Saritha Kinkiri
  • Mr Alex McCluskey
  • Mr Uchenna Odih
  • Mr Eugene Ogbodo
  • Mr Solomon Oyegoke
  • Mr Shanker Ganesh
  • Radhakrishna Prabhu
  • Idayat Sanusi