Metals, Anions and Elemental Analysis Faculty of Engineering & Science

A range of analytical techniques and instrumentation is available to businesses.


  • Determination of most metals from percent to ultra trace levels
  • Samples include: alloys, dusts and particulates, geological materials (rocks and sediments), contaminated soils and waters, organic materials such as foodstuffs
  • A full range of preparative techniques (most demanding of sample types possible)
  • Microwave-assisted digestion, open beaker acid attack (including HF/HClO4), alkali fusion and sequential extraction
  • Quantification by one or more instrumental techniques: ICP-MS, ICP-OES, XRF, AA, SEM-EPM
  • Anions.

Common anions in waters can be quantified by ion chromatography.


  • Elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, flame or graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA)
  • C, H and N by Carlo Erba analyser.