Our services Faculty of Engineering & Science

Our breadth of instrumentation and expertise allows us to offer a range of services at competitive rates:

We provide:

  • Service work (customer focused and confidential)
  • Hourly instrument use, including support and training
  • Long term contracts
  • Training
  • Consultancy, including working side-by-side with our experts.

In addition to mass spectrometry instrumentation and expertise we also have experience of a wide array of interpretation software to understand fragmentation, sequencing, deconvolution, principal component analysis, quantification etc. and access to various chemical databases to aid interpretation.

Examples of recent projects:

  • High resolution, high mass accuracy measurements and structure determination
  • Metabolite analysis in urine
  • Structure elucidation in natural products
  • Pesticide analysis from complex biological matrices
  • Forensic analysis.

We work with our colleagues at the University of Greenwich and collaborators to provide solutions to analytical challenges.