Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Faculty of Engineering & Science

The following instruments are housed in our NMR suite:

  • 400 MHz Jeol FT NMR
  • 5mm Multinuclear Liquid Probe
  • 300 MHz Jeol FT NMR
  • 6mm Multinuclear HS MAS Solid Probe
  • 5mm Multinuclear Liquid Probe
  • 500 MHz Jeol FT NMR, with pulsed field gradients.
  • 5mm, Multinuclear, Direct Detected, Liquid Probe
  • 5mm, Multinuclear, Inverse Detected, Liquid Probe
  • 5mm, Multinuclear, HR MAS DOTY Probe
  • 400MHz Bruker FT NMR
  • Range of liquid  probes

In addition to providing a routine spectral service, these instruments can be used for a range of structural studies with solid or liquid samples:

  • Nuclei include 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P, 27Al, 29Si and 23Na
  • Almost any type of non-ferromagnetic organic and inorganic material
  • Non-destructive technique (sample can be recovered)
  • Measurement of diffusion coefficients to allow insights into colloidal and self-assembling systems