About the Department of Applied Engineering and Management Faculty of Engineering & Science

The Department of Applied Engineering and Management within Engineering is one of the most distinguished centers for the study of Engineering Management, Global Shipping Management, and Global Oil and Gas Management programmes in the south-east region of the UK.

We offer a stimulating teaching and learning environment supported by expert academics and start-of-the-art teaching and laboratory facilities. The Faculty of Engineering and Science graduates find employment in a range of engineering and industrial sectors, not only automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, railway and process industries, but also banking, consultancy and accountancy. Our graduates often hold important and high level positions in local, national and international organisations and we have strong links to companies such as Ford, BAe Systems and the Royal School of Military Engineers.

The department also has established undergraduate programmes in other areas of Technology and Enterprise Management, such as IT Management for Business, and has run Foundation Degrees since 2005. In 2014, the Department developed and obtained approval for two new programmes within the portfolio as that of MEng/BEng Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship and MEng/BEng Industrial Engineering. There is also a successful and growing portfolio of postgraduate taught programmes, including an MSc in Engineering Management along with MSc Global Oil and Gas Management and MSc Global Shipping Management.

The department's research centre of "Engineering Enterprise" focuses on further advancement of the engineering skills and knowledge that can benefit enterprise operations in many ways. We focus on improving manufacturing approaches to reduce costs, improving responsiveness and maximising profitability. Our focus is towards adopting optimisation and planning research to further streamline many areas of business. Developing whole-system models can identify opportunities for improving efficiency that more micro models cannot see. Our research addresses all of these issues, coupled with specialist expertise in industries such as shipping, maritime and transport security and automotive industries (http://www.gre.ac.uk/engsci/research/research-themes/engineering-enterprise).