About the Department of Engineering Science Faculty of Engineering & Science

The Department of Engineering Science combines the disciplines of Computer, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

In the modern world we depend on engineering for everything from our phones to our houses.  All of them use different aspects of engineering to bring them to action.  So a modern engineer cannot specialise in just one aspect of engineering without an understanding of the others.  The degrees at Greenwich aim to give every student a solid foundation in all aspects, before going on to specialise in one area, such as mechanical design.

The courses cover the key areas that help develop your skills leading towards a profession in the traditional areas of Computer, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Electrical engineering students can focus on areas such as control and instrumentation. We also cover the newer areas of engineering systems, including embedded systems, networking with its associated security areas, and the communications required for these areas to interact.  Mechanical Engineers will cover the basics of mechanical design as well as the study of fluid flows and heat transfer, plus production engineering.  The Civil engineers cover surveying, hydraulics, structural design and BIM.  They often get the opportunity to build a quarter scale model of a concrete structure. The Computer engineers learn key networking and software skills while also studying hardware and robotics. 

We have specialist knowledge in electrical power engineering, including smart grids whereby a combination of computing and power engineering are the key to sustainable energy. Our focus in computer network security is driven by a research group that deals primarily on how information across networks can be hindered with malware. All of these research areas influence our taught curricula.

The teaching on our undergraduate programmes will aid you in making the necessary transition to independent study - study that helps you meet the expectations of a potential employer. Our first year of study is common to all subjects and designed in to give you practical skill and knowledge of all areas of engineering in order for you to understand the core principles of your subject, as well develop your personal skills towards professional registration with an engineering institution, such as the IET, ICE, IStructE or CIHT  We see personal tutoring as an important aspect of academic study and embed this from the very beginning of your time with us. We believe that our approach will help you attain the best possible position for your first professional role after you graduate from Greenwich.