Student profiles Faculty of Engineering & Science

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an undergraduate student at the University of Greenwich studying BSc Hons Biosciences. The programme has brought me on a fascinating journey academically. Whilst the heading 'Biological Sciences' encompasses a broad range of topics, it is the detailed teaching of the varying modules which has gripped my fascination. It is the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers here at the Medway Campus that led me to some wonderful experiences that undoubtedly made the difference.”

Kenny Pratt
BSc Hons Bioscience

“I really like the fact that my class is the size it is. There are about 11 of us so we have more of a one-on-one relationship with our tutors.”

Tiffany Barron
BSc Hons Human nutrition

“There are many career prospects open to you. I want to go into medicine so I’m looking at a graduate entry into medicine.”

Charlotte Best
BSc Hons Biomedical Science

“What I really enjoy about the sports science programme is that it gives you a real taste of what life’s going to be like outside of university by showing you all the different areas of sports science.”

Steve Mann
BSc Hons Sports Science

“The facilities are good, I have to admit. The labs are well equipped. The library is very impressive as well. In addition, it keeps upgrading its facilities every year, which makes students’ university experience better. I also like the fact that the School organises a science employment conference. It gives us a chance to learn more about the choices we would have once we finish university.”

Mayuri Dhunnoo
BSc Hons Biosciences

"The University of Greenwich has professional and highly intellectual teachers who are supportive in teaching and expand students' knowledge and understanding. The students are always commenting that the University of Greenwich has good teaching facilities that enable students to have a high understanding rate. A lot of graduates have won different prizes in subjects such as physics and art. I'm enjoying being a biotechnology student due to the supportive way the teachers teach various subjects and the way they encourage students to do tutorials and assessments."

Dorsa Varshavi
MSc Biotechnology