Business and Engineering Management workshops Faculty of Engineering & Science

Applied Engineering and Management (AEM)

Inspirational talks (20min – 1h);

Students will be given inspirational talks towards the subject and that of the Business environments, covering on the current and future advances from the commercial perspectives.

Management challenge (1h);

The students (teams of 4-6 in a group) will be provided with a virtual company; and be given the challenge towards developing a series of decisions relating to every aspects of the business; for examples – equipment/machines to purchase; spending on service, advertising, marketing. There will be four to five different sets of activities played, and combining the results will allow the students to be able to learn about the real working environment of businesses and that be part of the decision making process within the approach.

Project Management Workforce (1h-2h):

The workshop will provide the students to be able to analyse and plan towards real project scenarios from practice. The purpose of the workshop is to impart to the students the competencies (i.e. knowledge, skills, attitudes) that will ultimately improve their ability towards the decision making process in any project based environment. It also allows the students to confront with the situations and problems that arise in real world projects; and they will be able to see the consequences of the decisions which the project managers have to make; tackling the project parameters such as scope, costs, schedule, quality, and human/team factors.

Beer Distribution Game (2-3hrs)

The beer distribution game is an experimental learning business simulation demonstrating the key principles of supply chain management and inventory management in any product based sectors. The object of the game allows the students to be able to meet the demand and supply of customers managing the costs and expenses and that of the inventory in stocks.

The Innovation Challenge (1.5-2.5hrs)

The innovation challenge workshop activity allows students to understand and develop their knowledge towards the concept of "invention" and "innovation". The common myth about innovation which is not true is "innovation is only about new products and new technology, and that it's only a rare or genius who could create innovation". The activity will further expand on the myth and will make the students learn about the application of innovation in any business environment, right from product to service and towards the overall business objectives.

What's My Value Proposition (1.5-2hrs)

The value proposition seminar/activity allows students to "understand the value proposition in a business and steps towards improving that". They will develop and understand the tools required for managing and renewing value propositions and business models just the same way as for creating new ones (i.e. products, services or markets).

Model my Mind (1-2hrs)

A simple mind mapping exercise which allows the students to be able to capture and map their future plans through 4 easy step process – (1) canvasing; (2) reflection; (3) revise; (4) act. Students will be provided with scenarios to be able to reflect on towards their interests and that of their future plans and how and what they would work or react towards which will enable them to make their selection towards university degree programmes.

Company Start-Up (1h – 2h);

Students will be familiarised with the basic principles of setting up a company and shown how a simple idea may grow into profitable business if carefully assessed and planned for. Students will be invited to come up with an idea of their own business & company in a given economic environment which they can them present to the class. This activity involves implementation of ideas and group challenge followed by prize giving.

Business Project (1h – 2h);

In a given scenario students will have to come up with a business proposal so that they can both generate profit and help out the community in the long run. Prior to the practical exercise students will be advised on the 'five golden rules' of business, so that they can apply those in their business project modelling exercise. This will be a group challenge and will require a lot of creative thinking.

Jelly-Baby Tower Challenge (2h);

The Jelly-Baby tower challenge is a straight forward team building exercise, where the students will have a change to practice managerial skills and hierarchy tactics through fun challenge of physically building a tower. Can they beat a current record of 1.48cm ?!

Rollercoaster Challenge (2h – 3h);

A brief history of a rollercoaster will be presented to the students, following which they will be required to build one! There will be a set of rules which the students need to follow however are free to improvise otherwise on the design of their rollercoaster. The activity is extremely fun and challenging and at the same time it helps to understand different team roles, management styles and motivation requirements in order to achieve a set goals. All of the building-material and off-course prises for top three will be provided!

Web site development for a company (1h);

Students will be provided with sample products and will be required to produce a concept for their website. This brings to light both the artistic & imaginative sides of the students which is then helped to be translated into strategic marketing & advertisement that is key to successful business product sales.

Social media presence for a company/product (1h);

Students will be provided with sample companies/products and will be required to produce a concept for their social media presence. This brings to light both the artistic & imaginative sides of the students which is then helped to be translated into strategic marketing & advertisement that is key to successful business product sales.