Sports Science workshops Faculty of Engineering & Science

Our workshops aim to give students an opportunity to get hands-on practical experience of fitness/performance testing in a laboratory environment. The data collected from the fitness tests will be compared against normative data for their age group.

The workshops are designed to support and extend the National Curriculum for GCSE – A-level/BTEC students who are studying PE/Sport or Biology. All workshops are based at our Medway campus in the Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance laboratories and will run for 2 hours with a maximum of 15 students attending.


In this workshop students take part in three different power tests and compare the difference in power for each one.

Tests covered are:

  • 30s Wingate test on a bike ergometer
  • 15m running sprint using timing gates
  • 3 squat jumps using a jump mat.

Sub-Maximal Treadmill Test

During this workshop students take part in, and learn how to, test aerobic fitness. They will perform four stages of increasing workloads on the treadmill, while wearing a mask that is connected to a gas analyser. Students are shown how to measure heart rate and RPE (rating of perceived exertion). The results are then used to draw graphs to predict each person's VO2max and to find out at which speed (workload) this occurs.

Fitness Testing

In this session all students get to take part in practical tests that compare their health/fitness status against standard individuals of the same age.

Tests covered are:

  • 15m sprint test using timing gates to measure anaerobic performance
  • Body mass index to test general health
  • Hand grip dynamometer to measure grip strength
  • Sit and Reach test to gauge flexibility
  • Squat jump to test power
  • Spirometry to measure lung function (FEV1 & FVC)

For further information or to book a workshop, please contact us