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Taster days offer schools and colleges the opportunity to bring cohorts of students onto campus to experience university life for a day. It also provides a chance to engage in interactive workshops to stimulate and progress students' interests.

Students will normally have a choice of workshops to choose from which may include information sessions about student life, the benefits of higher education and subject based practical workshops. For many students it may be the first time a member of their family has considered progression to higher education.

In these instances the experience of visiting a university has in many cases had a powerful impact on students' decision making.

Taster Day sessions

The Faculty has a range of taster sessions that cover a numbers of engineering and science areas on offer, a listing not limited to:

Construction: Tower Building

There are several limitations in the construction of a building: time, costs, and materials. In this exercise, students attempt to address two of these factors by building the tallest tower with limited materials and time.

Electronics: Motorised Kit Car with Remote Control

Students will use C programming on a microcontroller so as to use the range of controls on a motorised kit car.

IT Systems: Security and Cryptography

Understanding the need for security in systems is a modern day requirement. Students will learn what cryptography is and how it is utilised in everyday, Internet-enabled applications and systems security.

Chemistry: Materials and Colours

This workshop introduces students to polymers and cross-linking processes by making a slime that demonstrates both liquid and solid properties. Students will then make their own silly putty and use the session to explore the physical properties of the material.

Chemistry: Glow Sticks

A very useful light source that does not give out heat, glow sticks produce what is called 'cold light'. In this practical workshop, students will explore the chemistry involved in making luminescent glow sticks and produce their own. They will also investigate how glow sticks emit such strong light without a bulb or a battery.

Materials: Impact Testing of Metals

Metals (particularly steel) are used extensively in ship building where the unique mechanical property is fundamental to the design and manufacture of such. In this session, students will experiment with a number of metals over a range of environmental temperatures so as to test their properties.

Materials: Sand Castles

In this workshop, students will experiment with a range of sand and water mixtures in order to test for the strength of various designs of sand castles.

Further information

For more details or to book a taster day, please contact:

E-mail: L.Wilson@gre.ac.uk