Compassion-focused pedagogy to promote LGBT+ (and wider) inclusion, mental health and wellbeing

3rd Mar 2021 3:40pm - 4:25pm

This activity takes place online

Compassion-focused pedagogy is increasingly being used as a means of reflecting on and developing staff and student: competencies, skills, and behaviours; interactions; and wellbeingBut what is the promise of this approach in promoting inclusion for the benefit of mental health more broadly, including for LGBT+ staff and students? This interactive session will explore how compassion-focused pedagogy can be applied from a staff and student perspective to raise awareness of, and provide support for, LGBT+ and other staff and students through greater connectedness, collaboration and allyship.

Panel facilitated by Dr Emma Kennedy, Lecturer in Higher Education Learning and Teaching at the University of Greenwich. comprising:

·     A member of academic staff at the University of Hertfordshire with an interest in compassion-focused pedagogy – Dr Theo Gilbert, Associate Professor in Learning and Teaching.

·      A member of academic staff at the University of Greenwich with an interest in sexualities, genders and health and wellbeing – Prof David Evans OBE, Professor in Sexualities and Genders: Health & Wellbeing.

·     A PhD Researcher at the University of Birmingham who teaches at the University of Greenwich with an interest in LGBTQ+ identities – Danielle Roe

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