Another public vs private debate is necessary – Water and other public services Events

Event Name Another public vs private debate is necessary – Water and other public services
Start Date 13th Jun 2018 2:00pm
End Date 13th Jun 2018 7:00pm
Duration 5 hours

With no consistent evidence of superior private efficiency, some observers question the relevance of the public vs private debate – in water as well as in other local public services – while others call for a better debate.

The seminar addresses these important questions by presenting the results of the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) Fellowship project on "Reorienting Industrial Organisation Theory: From Necessary to Possible Outcomes", and with the contribution of prominent scholars in the field. The speakers will set forth propositions about the state and possible evolution of the debate, aiming to stimulate a vibrant discussion.


13:30-14:00 Registration and Welcome coffee
14:00-14:05 Welcome from Dr Louise Braddock (ISRF Director of Research)
14:05-14:10 Welcome from the Chair, Professor David Hall (PSIRU, University of Greenwich)
14:10-14:30 Dr Emanuele Lobina (PSIRU, University of Greenwich and ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow): For another idea of efficiency
14:30-14:50 Professor Stéphane Saussier (Sorbonne Business School, University of Paris 1): Public vs. private - the evidence
14:50-15:10 Professor Germà Bel (School of Economics, University of Barcelona): Public vs. private - the theory
15:10-15:30 Professor Hulya Dagdeviren (Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire): Public vs. private - comparative criteria
15:30-15:45 Coffee
15:45-17:30 Discussion
17:30-17:50 Closing remarks from the panel
17:50-18:00 Wrap-up - Chair and ISRF Director of Research
18:00-20:30 Reception


University of Greenwich, Queen Anne
Building, Room 175, Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9LS

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