It will be for each Faculty/Directorate to determine its requirements against the assessed level of risk. The standard set below is typically considered to be the minimum requirements.

Grade:  Grade SG8 (or equivalent) and above
Appointed by the relevant Faculty Operating Officers or Directors of Professional Service

Competency: Managing Health & Safety at the University of Greenwich

Job Purpose:

  • To implement effective H&S arrangements, which includes H&S risk management, and provide information on H&S performance.
  • Oversee H&S within their specified area and ensure that issues are considered at senior management level where appropriate.
  • Oversee consistency of delivery of H&S matters within their area of responsibility, identify and pursue significant issues.
  • Evaluate & monitor H&S communication to validate their effectiveness for the level of risk in their area of responsibility.
  • Co-ordinate allocated resources for the management of H&S. This includes the appointment of the H&S Local Officers, Display Screen Equipment Assessors, Fire Wardens, First Aiders and other H&S post-holders if necessary to assist in H&S matters.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Set direction and lead by example to embed a positive H&S culture.
  • Promote H&S at Senior Management level.
  • In liaison with senior management, ensure that sufficient resources/funds are available to meet the requirements of the University H&S policy.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and University policy by notifying senior management of any deficiencies and remedial action required.
  • Ensure that lines of communication are robust and are available to all staff and managers, and students if relevant, on H&S matters.
  • Establish/attend the specified local H&S Committee to ensure that a system is in place for H&S. This includes consultation with students and with trade union representatives, as appropriate.
  • Attend the specified Campus H&S Committee, if nominated.
  • Provide the annual H&S Statement to the H&S Unit, setting out H&S arrangements, activities and plans to ensure adequate H&S management
  • Attend the H&S Unit audit and ensure an action plan is established to address issues identified.