It will be for each Faculty/Directorate to determine its requirements against the assessed level of risk. However, the standard set below is to be considered to be the minimum requirements. 

Grade: Grade SG6 (or equivalent) and above
Appointed by the relevant Health and Safety Managers

Competency: Health and Safety Local Officer training course (provided by the University H&S Unit)

 Job Purpose:

  • Accountable to Health and Safety Manager for local H&S activities.
  • Co-ordinate & advise on: risk assessment of academic/ research/support activities; drawing up local codes of practice that are aligned to the University H&S management system; H&S training; monitoring H&S performance; & keeping appropriate records.
  • Assist Health and Safety Managers in the allocation of resources for the management of H&S.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Being familiar with University Health and Safety policies and attending appropriate training.
  • Providing H&S advice to the Health and Safety Manager, especially formulation or revision of local H&S management arrangements.
  • Co-ordinating systematic assessment of risk, workplace inspections and accident investigations.
  • Advising academic/research/support managers and supervisors responsible for carrying out assessments, investigations and remedial actions for activities in their area of responsibility.
  • Reporting H&S problems or weaknesses to the Health and Safety Manager.
  • Liaising with the H&S Unit and other relevant local H&S staff, e.g. display screen equipment (DSE) assessors.
  • Disseminating H&S information and reports to appropriate staff and students.
  • Keeping or monitoring adequate H&S records required under the Records Management Policy.
  • Being a member of the relevant local H&S committee.