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Pedagogic research themes at the University of Greenwich

Flipped Learning in Higher Education (FLinHE)

The FLinHE group brings together the research activities of academics from different disciplines to design, implement and evaluate Flipped Learning models. We have special interests in the following topics:

  • Learner autonomy and learning behavioural changes
  • Learning processes and assessment of learning gain
  • Pedagogical designs for flipped learning

Game Enhanced Learning

The group specializes into two strands of research work. One strand is focused on learning gamification and learner engagement. The other strand is focused on game-based learning and how to shape teacher's roles, and the interactions between teachers and students in game-based learning scenarios.

Digitalisation of Higher Education Teaching and Learning

The group is active in conducting empirical pedagogical studies to explore how digital technologies might facilitate or impede student learning and how digital teaching change the topography of higher education. The digital technologies we are interested to evaluate are:

  • Virtual labs
  • Slack
  • Ipad
  • Learning analytics

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

Assessment and evaluation are some of the major challenges of Higher Education today. Together with our TESTA and MMP (Map My Assessment), our special interest group conducts research in the following topics:

  • Feedback in assessment
  • Peer assessment and peer learning
  • E-assessment

Employability and Competence Development

The group is interested in the development of graduates' employability skills and other generic skills at the university. They are also interested in gaining understanding of students' evaluations of the usefulness of their HE education.

Learning and Teaching at a Culturally Diverse University

At Greenwich, diversity and multilingualism are on the agenda on a daily basis. The group works as a hub to meet regularly to discuss emerging pedagogical practices in HE which address diversity and inclusivity. They focus on the following topics:

  • Learning community building: appreciation of diversity and tightening social bonding
  • Teaching in multilingual classrooms and evaluation of communication strategies


Sept 2018- Aug 2019Medway Learning and Teaching Festival Collaborative Projects Fund on Gameful Learning @ Medway (GLAM): Introducing Medway students from the three universities to critical thinking and employability skills through discussion and games£1000Yang Yang
Barbara Sheehy, Silvia Colaiacomo,
Mary Andall-Stanberry
1st May 2016 – 30th April 2020 H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project called GEO-SAFE (Geospatial based Environment for an Optimisation System Addressing Fire Emergencies). Focus is on knowledge exchange with Australia and Corsica, and includes a large training element using the Pandora+ training system. 13 participants. Grant agreement number 691161. €1,080,000 EU contribution, €153,000 to Greenwich. Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
Sept 2015 – August 2018 H2020 EU project TRILLION (TRusted, CItizen - LEA coILaboratIon over sOcial Networks), 13 partners. Grant agreement no: 653256. Includes training for Law Enforcement Officers using the Pandora+ training tool. Overall value of the project €4,263,408, €335,513 to Greenwich. €4,263,408, €335,513 to Greenwich. Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon, George Loukas
Sept 2017 – Jun 2018 Developing Chinese students critical thinking and problem solving skills through learning gamification, funded by UKCISA £2000 Michael Downes, Yang Yang, Viktor Krastev
2017-19 National Mixed Method Learning Gain, HEFCE £10,000 Simon Walker, Yang Yang
Awarded Oct 2016 The funding for this project enabled the Cornell Roybal Center Aging ePainCare to host a Consensus Conference in New York on 7th April 2017 which involved all stakeholders including healthcare professionals and patients. The conference produced a report on establishing a Research Agenda on Mobile Health Technologies and Later-Life Pain which included setting the agenda for the education of healthcare and patients. National Institute on Ageing (part of NIH), R13
Conference Grant 37,500 US dollars
Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
June 2016 Development of a briefing paper on 'Digital skills development and use across the lifetime and future challenges' for the UK Government Office for Science – link to article  UK Government Office for Science £4K Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
April 2016 – March 2018 Newton fund project "Aconcagua Knowledge Destination: A framework for a Special Interest Tourism Management Planning in Aconcagua Valley, Chile" which included a focus on education in the tourism industry. ~£45K Professor Lachlan MacKinnon, Professor Liz Bacon
2015-17 REACT Collaborative Development Programme. HEFCE Catalyst. One of 12 minor partners. The project received £566,965 funding. Simon Walker (PI for Greenwich)
2015 Student Change Agents' Network, Jisc. £13,500 Simon Walker, Project Director
2014-16 Greenwich Connect £387,144 Simon Walker, Project Director
1/9/14-30/4/15 Training of L1 Computing At School Master Teachers to teach computer science DfE-funded Network of Excellence programme £13,600 Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
1/4/14 – 31/3/16 EU FP7 project Pop-Alert preparation of societies and populations to cope with crisis and disasters. 11 Partner project generating 998,848.38 Euros of funding. Grant agreement no: 608030. Overall project coordinators. Greenwich funding €121,873 Project Coordinator and Greenwich Principal Investigator
1/11/13 – 31/10/15 EU Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme: SocialiseIT: Social Workplace Learning Using CCD. 8 partner project worth 299,390 Euros. Greenwich funding €44,347 Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
Dec 2015 – Dec 2016 Phase 2 of the Monitor project identified below, to extend the tourism system to the whole of Norway. 350K Norwegian Kroner, ~£30K Professor Lachlan MacKinnon, Professor Liz Bacon
2014-16 Greenwich Connect. £387,144 Simon Walker, Project Director
July 2013 – Dec 2015 Monitor Project in conjunction with Buskerud University College, Kongsberg, Norway. Development of a management system for the tourism industry using data warehouse and dashboards to measure the development of the tourism industry in Norway. 1 million Norwegian Kroner ~£110,000 Professor Lachlan MacKinnon, Professor Liz Bacon
Autumn 2013 Maritime City funded by South London Membership Council Innovation, Diffusion and Excellence Awards in Healthcare Education and Training South London Membership Council £39,555.60 Dr Karen Cleaver, Ryan Flynn, Avril Hocking, Professor Liz Bacon and ???
2012-13 Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) - MOOC Consortium bid led by the Open University £5000 Simon Walker, Project Director
Feb-July 2010 Maritime City: Development of an immersive virtual reality training environment for Health and Social Care Practitioners Internal funding of £16,000 Ryan Flynn, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon, Professor Liz Bacon and others
June 2013 Pandora Development Training4Resilience £39,750 Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
2012 Student Change Agents' Network, Jisc £30,000 Simon Walker, Project Director
2011 Digital Literacy in Transition. Jisc £200,000 Simon Walker, Project Director
Jan 2010-March 2012 EU FP7 project PANDORA. Advanced training environment for crisis scenarios. 10 European partners. Grant agreement no: 225387. Overall project coordinators. €2.93million, Greenwich allocation €340,423 Professor Liz Bacon, Professor Lachlan MacKinnon
2008 International Baccalaureate e-Learning Laboratory. BECTA £15,900 Simon Walker, Project Director
2006 eLISA eLearning Independent Lifelong Learning Project. £35,000 Professor Jill Jameson, Simon Walker
2005 Collaborative Approaches to the Management of e-Learning (CAMEL). HEFCE. ? Simon Walker, Project Director
2005 Emerald funding, Showtime Conference Development £30,000 Simon Walker, Project Director
2004 e-Learning Independent Lifelong Learning Project (Jisc) £150,000 Professor Jill Jameson, Simon Walker

Current PhDs (working titles)

  1. The design of on-line instructional material to optimise student learning and achievement
  2. Examining the Impacts of Social Media Engagements on Learners Motivation in MOOCs
  3. Exploring the use of regular tools in collaborative learning activities
  4. An investigation of models for the teaching of computer programming at secondary school and identification of best practice.
  5. An investigation into multisensory interactive 3D game environments to enhance teaching reading using phonics in dyslexia

Completed PhD titles and dates

  1. "A Study into the Characteristics of Game-Based Learning Software that Appeal to 11-14 Year Old Girls", November 2017
  2. "Empirical evidence that proves a serious game is an educationally effective tool for learning computer programming constructs at the computational thinking level", July 2013.
  3. "Design, Development And Evaluation Of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: Learning Styles As An Evaluation Tool For Metacognitive Skills", Dec 2012.
  4. "Impact of learner control on learning in adaptable and personalised e learning environments", Feb 2011.
  5. "Intelligent Monitoring of Business Processes using Case-Based Reasoning", Nov 2012.
  6. "The use of tagging to support the authoring of personalisable learning content", July 2012.