ECTS and Grading

Course Choices

The number and combination of courses you can take at a host institution will depend on whether you study through Erasmus for a semester or a full academic year. Additionally, your UoG School Erasmus/Global Mobility co-ordinator will need to approve, in advance, the courses you choose to ensure that you are making good progress towards your degree.


Your host institution will probably use ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. For a semester you would need to study courses equivalent to at least 30 ECTS credits (60 UoG credits). For students who will participate in Erasmus for a full year, they will need to take courses up to the value of 60 ECTS credits (this is the equivalent of 120 UoG credits).

As of summer 2014 the University of Greenwich has adopted a new Grade Translation Policy. We hope this is a helpful guide for partners, students and colleagues.

Degree Classification

As part of a standard undergraduate three year degree programme, your Erasmus+ year will count for 20% of your final degree classification.