As an international postgraduate student at the University of Greenwich, we want you to succeed in your chosen degree. Understanding and using English for academic purposes is one way we can help you to get the most
out of your studies.

When you join us you will be required to take a short English language test. This will tell us if you need
help with your language and academic writing. We can then make sure you receive the best tuition in support of your work.

The English language courses are aimed at full-time international fee-paying postgraduate students on
the university's three main campuses who are registered for 'taught' programmes.

Our English language courses are:

  • Accredited by the British Council
  • Designed to cater for the academic needs of postgraduate students
  • Provided free of charge
  • Taught by qualified tutors
  • Run for two hours per week, normally over nine weeks, including in-class assessment.

What happens if you need to take an English language course?

If the university recognises that you will benefit from English language support, you must attend the classes and complete the assessment. Your attendance will be monitored, and you will be expected to pass the assessment.
Passing the course is a stepping stone to success in your studies. You will find the English language course especially helpful in preparing your coursework assignments – for example citing your sources, avoiding
plagiarism, and improving your written expression.

What past students say

Read what some of our past students said about the English language courses:

"The course helped me a lot in developing my communication and presentation skills."

MSc Civil Engineering student

"This course was really helpful for report writing."

MSc Data Warehousing and Data Mining student

"My writing, reading, listening and speaking all improved."

MSc Formulation Sciences student

"I was struggling with references, but the tutor made this clear. It helped with all my assignments."

MA International Business student

"I am now more confident in writing essays."

MA International Human Resource Management student

"Grammar and referencing are very clear to me after attending the English classes."

MSc Networks and Computer System Security student

"I improved my communication skills as well as my writing skills."

MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences student