Academic Technology Approval Scheme International

The UK Government introduced the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) in November 2007. Under this scheme, all non-EU students studying on certain postgraduate programmes offered by UK universities need to apply for, and receive, an ATAS Clearance Certificate prior to applying for their student visa.

Applicable University of Greenwich programmes

All programmes run at universities in the UK are identified by a JACS code. This code determines whether the programme you have applied for requires an ATAS Clearance Certificate.

The following taught Master's and Master's by Research programmes offered by the University of Greenwich currently require an ATAS Clearance Certificate:

Applying for an ATAS certificate

You cannot apply for an ATAS certificate before you have been offered a place on a programme and fulfilled all the conditions of the offer. If the programme of study you apply for at the University of Greenwich requires an ATAS Clearance Certificate, the offer and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number issued to you will include all the information required by the Foreign Office from the university.

You must apply for your ATAS Clearance Certificate before you apply for your student visa.

A student visa application will automatically be rejected if the ATAS Clearance Certificate is not included (where one is required).

Research students (MRes, MPhil, PhD)

If you are about to start a research degree: Once an interview has taken place and a verbal offer has been made, you and your supervisor will need to provide a research summary of up to 1200 characters (including spaces), which details the main purpose of the research and the research methods being used.

A JACS code will be allocated by the Post Graduate Research Office and this will determine whether you need an ATAS clearance certificate or not. Your official offer letter from the university will be issued and will confirm if you need ATAS clearance. It will also provide guidance on how to apply for ATAS.

Further information

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

For more details, including details on how to apply for an ATAS Clearance Certificate, please visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.