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Yes, the University of Greenwich is a Tier 4 Sponsor. Our license number is 4E4NJQDA7.

This is not a document but a unique reference number given to a student by the university. You need this number when submitting your Tier 4 (General) student visa application. It is also referred to as a CAS.
The CAS is confirmation of your unconditional offer of a place to study with us. You must have a CAS when you make your visa application, or your application will be refused.

Your CAS statement will be received once your offer is academically and financially unconditional.

We would like you to receive your CAS number as quickly as possible so please contact the International Office as soon as you have paid the pre-registration deposit and your offer of place is academically unconditional.

You do not have to pay for your CAS number; however, you will not be able to receive your CAS number until you have made the pre-registration deposit - this is the first payment towards your tuition fees, reduces the tuition fees payable on registration and confirms your place on the programme offered.

A new Tier 4 students' permission to stay in the UK is tied to the education provider that is sponsoring them. Every new Tier 4 student will find their sponsor's reference number on the vignette in their passport or on their identity card for foreign nationals.

As the University of Greenwich is a Tier 4 Sponsor, current Home Office regulations allow us to register you if your current visa is for another institution as long as you have APPLIED for a visa to study with us. You do not have to have received the decision of the new visa application.

You can find further information and guidance notes on the visa process on the Home Office website.

Further information of interest to international students can also be found at the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

If you are experiencing problems or need any assistance with your offer or applying for your visa, please contact the International Office and we will do our best to help, or help you find the correct source of information.