Sustainability in the classroom

We are seeing a large number of classrooms on campus where the data projectors are left on after teaching has finished – sometimes for many hours after the last class is held in a room. Please help us by turning off the data projector after your class.

Turning off the projectors will:

  • Save energy
  • Prolong the life of the equipment and lamps
  • Save money on lamp replacement
  • Increase operation time
  • Decrease maintenance time and down time

In all but two rooms, leaving projection equipment on between classes is unnecessary. The exceptions are SWS11_003 & 4, where the equipment has a 7-minute shutdown time (making it impractical to shut town between classes), but projectors in these rooms should also be powered down after the last class of the day.

Please refer to the diagrams below, which show the location of the shutdown button on the types of touchscreen currently in use in our classrooms and lecture theatres.

Click image to enlarge:

AMX touchscreen panel

Click image to enlarge:

Leture theatre touchscreen panel

Click image to enlarge:

Touchscreen panel