Your University of Greenwich student e-mail service is provided by Google. Your Google account will remain active until you cease to be a student of the University.

Your account includes e-mail storage space of over 7GB. As well as Google Mail you also have access to Google Calendar, Docs and Sites.

Student Mail FAQ

How do I access my e-mail?

You can log in to your e-mail from any web browser at or from the Portal. To login to your Google e-mail account you will need to use your fully qualified university computing username (eg. and password.

Can I access my e-mail using IMAP or on my mobile phone?

Yes. You will need to enable IMAP access on Gmail beforehand. Follow Google's instructions on how to do this.

Instructions on how to setup Gmail IMAP access for various clients are available from Google. Please note that you will need to substitute your university e-mail address for the Gmail address listed in the instructions. For example replace with, substituting your own username.

I can't login to my e-mail account?

Firstly ensure that you are using the correct password - it should be the password you use to login to the Portal. If you are still unable to login visit your nearest ILS Computing Lab for assistance.

Is my e-mail private?

Your personal data and e-mail content is stored by Google in accordance with their privacy policy. The European directive on data protection requires that member states enable legislation according to the Data Protection Act. The European commission has determined that an arrangement put in place by the US department of commerce – known as the 'safe harbour' provides an adequate protection for any personal data.

Can I forward my e-mail to another address?

You can find instructions on how to forward your e-mail at Google's help page.

Where can I get more help?

There is extensive online support available from Google.