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Remote wipe of mobile devices

Remote Wipe

The upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2013 enabled a feature which you are likely to find very useful if your device is stolen. Devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android smart phones include a remote wipe facility so that if they are stolen, it is possible to send a reset instruction to wipe data from the device.

When you add a University of Greenwich email account / or accept the new terms and conditions, you may be asked to give the University email system access to your device's remote wipe feature. In practice, this means that if your device is stolen, you will have the ability to delete its contents very easily by logging in to the Outlook Web Access interface. Please note that this also means that anyone with access to you username and password can also remotely wipe your personal device and all data on it.

To see how this would work, log into Outlook Online and click on Settings, View all Outlook settings, then General, then Mobile Devices. You will see a list of any mobile devices that have been set up to use your email account. If you wanted to wipe all of your data on the device, you would highlight the device that has been stolen, and then click on Wipe Device to send the reset instruction. Please note however, that this will permanently wipe everything on the device, effectively restoring it to its factory state, so should only be used if your device has been lost or stolen.

University Microsoft Exchange email systems administrators will never remote wipe a device unless an explicit and approved  / verified request has been made by the device owner.