IT and Library Services

Storage: Personal Home Area (G:)

Your personal home area is a secure place for University staff and students to keep their personal University work. This is generally presented, and referred to as your G drive, but may also be called your home folder / home area.

The filestore is backed up daily, however it is possible for users themselves to restore files if deleted by accident using the shadow copy functionality.

Key Service Information

Features and Benefits

  • Access from IT Services managed computers via the G drive
  • The shadow copy function enables the user to self- restore files.
  • Deleted files can be restored from the nightly backups for up to a month (Files available from salvage may be available for longer).
  • Data is mirrored across data centres for resiliency.
  • Access is available from almost all standard desktop imaged PCs.
  • Access is available via the Remote Desktop service.
  • Personal secure location to store work.


The service is available to all members of university staff and all campus based students


    Support hours:

    09.00 - 17.00 weekdays other than University and Bank Holidays

    User service issues:

    Any dissatisfaction with the service should be addressed in the first instance to the IT Service Desk:
    Telephone: 020 8331 7555, visit the IT Service Desk pages or you may also submit a query online

Help & further information

The university Data Classification Policy and tables, to help you understand where best to safely store data is available from the IT Policies and Procedures website.