Purchasing and acquiring software IT and Library Services

These rules and procedures are to ensure that the university is able to manage its software assets effectively, securely, and in accordance with legal regulations, licensing rules, auditing requirements, and the university's Software Policy. Equally importantly they are to allow the University to demonstrate its compliance.

Note that this document applies to all university software, whether purchased, leased, obtained under 'shareware' or 'freeware' arrangements, acquired under suppliers' educational support agreements, or developed in-house.

  • Permission for all software must be obtained from ILS in advance

    If you wish to purchase or acquire a software application, please contact the IT Service Desk on ext 7555 (or by e-mail to itservicedesk@gre.ac.uk) for advice, or with details of the software, its supplier, the number of licences required, and what they are to be used for. ILS will normally expect to approve software requests without undue delay, particularly for specialist software to be locally installed on a Faculty's or Office's computers.

    Under the new e-procurement system, all software purchase orders will automatically be forwarded to ILS as part of the approval process.

    The ILS Application Management Process must be used for all requests for permission to purchase, acquire or develop software that will need to be installed on, or delivered via the university's networks, and/or which may perform a core academic or administrative function, so that appropriate technical and support discussions can take place.
  • Installation of software licences

    After ILS agreement for a software application has been obtained, and the licences have been acquired, please contact the IT Service Desk to arrange installation. If you have local software installation rights you must notify the IT Service Desk with details of the installations that you have done.
  • Storage of software media, licensing keys and licence agreements

    After installation of software, any media, licensing keys, and licence agreements must be given to ILS for secure storage and control, unless local arrangements are in place and have been approved by ILS.
  • Adobe and Microsoft software

    Licences for Adobe and Microsoft software applications are available under the university's overall agreements with these suppliers
  • University software for use at home

    Under its licence agreements, some university software can be used by students and/or staff at home on their own computers.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2018