1. Interpretation
  2. Scope
  3. Law
  4. Authority
  5. Registration
  6. Charging
  7. Non-institutional Use
  8. Equipment
  9. Use
  10. Behaviour
  11. Health & Safety
  12. Retention
  13. Disclaimer
  14. Infringement
  15. Copyright Acknowledgement
  16. Annexe 1 - Designated Authorities
  17. Annexe 2 - Registration Request Signatories
  18. Annexe 3 - Charges

1. Interpretation

The terms listed below have within these regulations the meanings given for each.

1.1 Institution
The University of Greenwich

1.2 Unit
A managed organisational sub-division of the institution whether academic, administrative or other, e.g. office, division, faculty, unit, service, etc.

1.3 Designated Authority
The designated post-holder or body with the authority to give access to IT facilities and to give other permissions as stated in these regulations.

1.4 Staff
Staff, whether academic, administrative, technical or other, employed either full-time, part-time or sessional by the institution, including authorised affiliate staff.

1.5 Student
An individual enrolled or registered with the institution or undertaking study of any kind provided by, at or under the auspices of the institution.

1.6 Damage
Any deliberate or accidental damage to any institutional IT facility including any modifications to hardware or software which incur time or cost in restoring the system to its original state.

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2. Scope

These regulations apply to:

2.1 Type of Individual
All staff, students, and others using IT facilities described below.

2.2 Type of Use
Academic, administrative and other use of IT facilities.

2.3 Type of IT Facility
Personal computers whether desktop or portable; mini or mainframe computers and computer networks; terminals, printers and other peripheral devices; media; all software and data thereon; all computer-based information systems provided for administrative or other purposes.

2.4 Ownership of Equipment
IT facilities owned, leased, hired or otherwise provided by the institution; IT facilities connected directly or remotely to the institution's network or IT facilities, and IT facilities used on the institution's premises.

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3. Law

3.1 Applicable Laws include:

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988
  • Computer Misuse Act 1990
  • See the Computer Related Legislation document for further information

3.2 Regulations and Law
These regulations apply subject to and in addition to the law. In all cases involving a breach of the law, legal sanctions may apply.

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4. Authority

The designated post-holder or body with the authority to give access to IT facilities and to give other permissions as stated in these regulations is specified in Annexe 1 below for the IT facilities listed.

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5. Registration

5.1 General

  1. Use of IT facilities is conditional on prior registration with, and granting of access rights by, the appropriate designated authority for the relevant facilities as listed, unless certain facilities are specifically exempted from the need for registration. Requests for registration shall be in the appropriate form and shall include details of the requester, the IT facilities including any necessary details of type or scope of access, and the period for which access is requested. Where registration is not required, use of the facilities is restricted to appropriate staff and students of the institution and other persons as defined under section 5.2(c).
  2. Registration to use IT facilities or the use of IT facilities constitutes acceptance of these regulations.
  3. The granting of access rights to some IT facilities will be by the provision of username(s) and password(s) giving access to locations, hardware and/or software IT facilities. The provision of such username(s) and password(s) will constitute authorization for the use of those IT facilities for the purposes specified in the request for registration and under the conditions applicable to those IT facilities.
  4. Users must not use another user's username or password, nor allow any password issued to them to become known to any other person, nor, having logged in, leave IT facilities unattended and potentially usable by some other person.
  5. Users must notify the designated authority of any change in their status which may affect their right to use IT facilities. This does not apply to students completing their studies, or a section of their studies, in the normal way.

5.2 Types of User
Annexe 2 lists those appropriate to authorise requests to the relevant designated authority for registration.

  1. Staff
    As per the contract of employment, all staff are given authorisation to access University IT facilities in a responsible manner and in accordance with these regulations.
  2. Students
    As per the contract of their Faculty & the University, students are given authorisation to access University IT facilities in a responsible manner and in accordance with these regulations.
  3. Other
    Persons other than staff and students require the written authority of a unit manager agreed to be appropriate by the designated authority for any request to the designated authority for registration to use IT facilities.
  4. Children
    Children are not allowed to use IT facilities.

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6. Charging

6.1 Registration and Use
Users may be charged for registration and/or for use of IT facilities. Where such charges are predetermined they are listed in Annexe 3.

6.2 Damage
In addition, users will be charged for the cost, as determined by the designated authority, of remedying any damage they cause.

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7. Non-institutional Use

7.1 Personal
The use of IT facilities for personal purposes other than for commercial gain must have the permission of the designated authority and may be subject to charge.

7.2 Commercial
The use of IT facilities for commercial gain must have the explicit prior permission of the designated authority and may be subject to charge.

7.3 Placement
The use of IT facilities to the substantial advantage of other bodies such as employers of placement students must have the explicit prior permission of the designated authority and may be subject to charge.

7.4 External
The use of IT facilities by persons other than staff or students must have the explicit prior permission of the designated authority and may be subject to charge.

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8. Equipment

8.1 Introduction
Users are responsible for ensuring that they are sufficiently familiar with the operation of any equipment they use, to make their use of it safe and effective and to avoid interference with the use of it by others.

8.2 Movement
No equipment or other IT facility may be moved without the prior agreement of the designated authority.

8.3 Network Connection
No equipment may be connected in any way into any network or other IT facility of the institution without the prior written agreement of the designated authority.

8.4 Loans
Facilities may only be borrowed with written permission in the appropriate form from the designated authority or someone with delegated authority. Any IT facility borrowed must be returned by the due date agreed when the loan was made.

8.5 Booking
IT facilities will have access times posted in a prominent position. Those facilities which may be booked in advance (normally by a member of academic staff for class use) will have a notice showing bookings for the current week posted on or by the door to the room housing the facility. A student must vacate any IT facilities room which is booked for a session of which he/she is not a participant, when asked to do so by the person holding an authorised booking.

Application to book the facilities must be made to the Central Timetabling Unit.

8.6 Loss or Damage
All loss or damage of ICT equipment must be reported to the designated authority.

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9. Use

Users must not in any way cause any form of damage to the institution's IT facilities, nor to any of the accommodation or services associated with them.

Users must adhere to the terms and conditions of all licence agreements relating to IT facilities which they use including software, equipment, services documentation and other goods.

Users must not modify any software nor incorporate any part of the provided software into their own work without permission from the designated authority.

Users must not load onto the IT facilities any software without permission from the designated authority.

Users must not deliberately introduce any virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful or nuisance program or file into any IT facility, nor take deliberate action to circumvent any precautions taken or prescribed by the institution to prevent this.

Users must not delete or amend the data or data structures of other users without their permission.

Users must not in their use of IT facilities exceed the terms of their registration. In particular they must not connect to any other computing IT facility without the permission of the designated authority.

Users of networks and remote IT facilities shall obey any published rules for their use.

Users must ensure that they start and terminate each session of use of IT facilities in accordance with published instructions.

Consumables including stationery must be used for the purpose for which they are supplied and their consumption should be minimised as far as is reasonably possible.
Where printing facilities are provided without charge, it is expected that a maximum of two copies of a document be printed and that any additional copies be made by photocopying.
Used and scrap paper should be disposed of so as to minimise any possible fire risk and to maintain a tidy environment.

Users must not interfere with the use by others of the IT facilities, they must not remove or interfere with output belonging to another user.

Where notices indicate that a specific type of usage or user has priority on certain equipment, other users must vacate such equipment on request from a priority user.

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10. Behaviour

The creation, display, production, down-loading or circulation of offensive material in any form or medium is forbidden.

Network and electronic mail facilities are provided for academic purposes and for the administrative functions of the institution. Whilst personal e-mail messages are not prohibited, all e-mail messages must be regarded as permanent written records, to which other people may have access in transit or storage, and which could result in personal or institutional liability. Users must ensure that the content and tone of their e-mail messages cannot be considered offensive or abusive or of a discriminatory or bullying nature or constituting harassment of any kind.

Users must take every precaution to avoid damage to equipment caused by eating or drinking in its vicinity. In particular, eating and drinking in all student IT facilities rooms are forbidden.

Users must respect the rights of others and should conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner when using IT facilities. In particular, the use of mobile phones in any student IT facilities room is not allowed.

Users must respect published times for access to IT facilities.

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11. Health & Safety

Institutional IT systems and facilities are provided in accordance with relevant standards; users must conform with institutional requirements for health and safety.

Areas must be kept tidy, free from obstruction and fire hazards. Cables should not be allowed to trail over the floor.

If an emergency evacuation for fire or bomb threat takes place, users must comply with evacuation procedures under the guidance of designated personnel.

First aid facilities are available via designated first aiders, the institution's medical officer or security personnel during out of normal hours working.

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12. Retention

12.1 Housekeeping
Users' data and software will be subject to published procedures for their removal or archiving after specified periods.

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13. Disclaimer

13.1 Functioning
The institution accepts no responsibility for the malfunctioning of any IT facility or part thereof, whether hardware, software or other.

13.2 Information and Software
The institution accepts no responsibility for the loss of data or software or the failure of any security or privacy mechanism.

13.3 Loss
No claim shall be made against the institution, its employees or agents in respect of any loss alleged to have been caused whether by defect in the resources or by act - or neglect of the institution, its employees or agents.

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14. Infringement

14.1 Law
Any infringement of these regulations may be subject to penalties under civil or criminal law and such law may be invoked by the institution.

14.2 Disciplinary
Any infringement of these regulations constitutes a disciplinary offence under the applicable procedure and may be treated as such regardless of legal proceedings.

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15. Copyright Acknowledgement

Members of staff, students, any other authorised individuals agree that usage of any Software, Computer Readable Dataset or Courseware or other similar material, hereafter referred to as "the Product", issued or otherwise made available to them by the Institution to which they are student or member of staff is subject to the following conditions:

They will ensure that all requirements of the agreements, contracts and licences under which the Product is held by the institution will be maintained. (Copies of the relevant agreements, contracts and licences may be seen by application to the Faculty or office which made the Product available.)

They will adhere to the regulations governing the use of any service involved in the provision of access to the product whether these services are controlled by their own institution or by some other organisation.

They will not remove or alter the Copyright Statement on any copies of the Product used by them.

They will ensure the Security and Confidentiality of any copy released to them, and will not make any further copies from it or knowingly permit others to do so, unless permitted to do so under the relevant licence.

They will use the Product only for purposes defined, and only on computer systems covered, by the agreement, contract or licence.

They will only incorporate the Product, or part thereof, in any work, program or article produced by them, where this is permitted by the licence or by "Fair Dealing".

They will only incorporate some part or version of the Product in any work produced by them with the express permission of the Licensor or unless this is permitted under the Agreement.

They will not reverse engineer or decompile the software products or attempt to do so unless this is explicitly permitted within the terms of the Agreement for the use of the Product.

They will return or destroy all copies of the Product at the end of the course/year/period of employment or when requested to do so.

Acceptance of a period of study/employment at The University of Greenwich constitutes acceptance of these regulations.

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Annexe 1 - Designated Authorities

IT FacilityAuthority
Corporate Resources including Network and Student RoomsDirector of Information and Library Services
Corporate Administrative SystemsDirector of Information Services / Relevant Director of Office
Staff PC SystemsRelevant Dean of Faculty / Director of Office

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Annexe 2 - Registration Request Signatories

IT FacilityUser TypeSignatory Class
Academic SystemStudentsCourse Tutor / Subject Lecturer / Dean of Faculty
Academic SystemStaffRelevant Dean of Faculty / Director of Office
Corporate Administrative SystemsStaffRelevant Director of Office
Staff PC SystemsAllRelevant Dean of Faculty / Director of Office

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Annexe 3 - Charges

IT FacilityUser TypeCharge
Corporate ResourcesExternalNegotiated with Director of Information and Library Services

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Last Updated: 21 Sep 2018