FAQ IT and Library Services

Will my extension number change?

For most users there will be no change. People who are based at Medway with five digit numbers beginning with a 4 will change to a four digit extension number retaining the last four digits of the present number so extension 43456 will become extension 3456.

Do I need to change my business cards and letterheads?

No. All external direct dialling in (DDI) numbers will remain the same.

Will I still need to dial 3 for an outside line?

No. The new telephones will dial out like a mobile telephone. You dial the number then press the "OK" button. The new system inspects the number you have dialled and knows which lines to use. It will automatically select the outside line for you.

My team's group pick up doesn't work?

If you had a group pick up facility on the Phillips system then the same participants telephones are programmed into the Siemens System.
The feature code has changed to *22. Here is a full list of new feature codes.
With all feature codes please remember to press "OK" after the code.
If after checking you are using the correct code and pressing "OK" you are still having problems or you wish to add a colleague to your group please contact the helpdesk.

Are FAX machines going to be replaced?

Fax machines are an obsolete technology. They also have a heavy sustainability footprint needing perpetual power and consuming a disproportionate amount of paper.
The project board have decided that for most users the fax capability of the new Siemens system will provide a useful alternative. For those people who still need a fax service it will be possible to send and receive virtual faxes from your PC using the fax gateway.
In practice faxes will be distributed as e-mail attachments within the University. Outside the university they will be received and dispatched from a fax machine in the traditional way. Existing Fax numbers will not be changed.
Existing fax machines will remain on the Philips system until November. A new workstream will be created to help people move to the new service during October.

I have my own special telephone why do I have to change?

Telephones on the present system are not compatible with the new system and will not support the advanced features that will be introduced next year. Some lift and emergency telephones will remain the same using special adaptors. People with answer phones will have access to the new voice mail system. The new telephones have a light to indicate when you have a waiting message.

I have a disability and need a special telephone?

Please advise the AC Project Office on extension 9610. The new telephones are HAC compatible with hearing aids, have adjustable volume controls, and ringers but if these are not appropriate for you, then the project team will work with you to find a solution.

Why is the University spending so much on a new phone system in the present economic climate?

The present system has been upgraded over the years and presently supports the University well. However it is based upon old technology which is becoming increasingly expensive to support. It will not provide good value in the future. Secondly new technology brings the advanced features of Unified Communications.

What is Unified Communications and when will we get it?

Unified Communications unifies the telephone system with the University's computing network to provide exciting new features. These advanced features need to be focused upon the specialist needs of particular users. So this academic year we are focusing on creating the supporting infrastructure and new telephones. Next year we will build upon this success and make the advanced Unified Communications features available.

Last updated 17 March 2014