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Student Email Project

Student email accounts have moved to Outlook Online. Here you can find out why we made this change, and what you or your students need to do to stay connected.

Need Help?

Staff and students need a common platform for collaboration. Having student mailboxes in Outlook Online and the university's secure Microsoft 365 Cloud provides us with a single platform for everything with far better integration.

Stay Connected

Here we are sharing information on how to stay connected and answering your Frequently Asked Questions.

We recognise this is a significant change for all students, especially for placement students, those at our partner colleges and overseas collaboration students, as well as those working or on study breaks, so we are sharing all the information you need in one place to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Email the team here, make contact via our Online support form, or call us on +44 208 331 7555

I'm having trouble logging in, where should I start?

The first time you log in after the change, you will be prompted to update your security preferences before you can access our systems.

You now need to log in to our systems, including Outlook, using your shortform email address: and your existing password. Your username is usually in the format ab1234c and can be found on your Greenwich Gateway ID Card

You can use these instructions to securely access our systems. We will only ask you to change your password twice a year, although you can reset it at any time.

How do I access my new Outlook mailbox?

To access your new Outlook mailbox, you can choose to either install the Outlook App for free on your personal device, or access Outlook on the web via a browser.

You can install the Outlook app for free on up to ten personal devices, five PCs or Laptops and five mobile devices.

There are two ways to access the web-based version of Outlook:

  • Click on Email from the Quick Links menu at the top of the Portal
  • Access Microsoft Outlook through the Microsoft 365 portal at

Remember, Outlook and other university systems will now use your email address, unlike Gmail which required Don’t forget to use the shortform email to login.

What has happened to my Gmail and Google Drive data?

Your Google Student account was deactivated after your Student Gmail moved to Microsoft 365. Before your account was deactivated, we provided information on how to export your university Gmail and Google Drive data on our support page.

I'm an EdD Student, what's happening to my account?

We are pleased to advise that work undertaken for the Student Email Project will resolve a complex and long-standing issue regarding the status of EdD Postgraduate Research Students in our IT systems.

When EdD students re-register for the 2021-22 Term your account will be given Staff, rather than Student rights which will provide you with Staff access and functionality in our systems.

This change will happen automatically when you register for next term. However, there is one action you may wish to take beforehand to make sure you have access to your G: Drive folders and files after registration.

Move your documents and data from your Student G: Drive to your OneDrive before you register for 2021-22 term.

Saving your data in OneDrive means you will still be able to access it after you re-register as your OneDrive will not be affected by this change.

To use university computers after the change, you will need to log in to staff\username in our open access IT labs, and use Staff Remote Desktop to connect with our virtual desktop service.

For a short while after the change you will be able to log in with your Student and your Staff account. Take care to log in using staff\username when you are using our Student PCs.

All other access will remain the same, including your username and the way you access Microsoft 365.

Why are we doing this?

Staff and students need a common platform for collaboration. Having student mailboxes in Outlook Online and the Microsoft 365 Cloud provides us with a single platform for everything with far better integration. For example, students are now able to access their Calendar in Microsoft Teams and are able to create and manage their own meetings.

It gives students a modern user experience and helps them prepare for professional working environments.

Once this change has bedded in, it will also give us an opportunity for further integration and streamlining with existing systems.

Data security is important to everyone at Greenwich. This change is a prerequisite to enabling auto clean-up within Microsoft Teams for data retention policies.

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