We have only just started building our FAQs about Digital Capabilities. 

If you have a question, or a suggestion of a suitable question.. please tell the Digital Capabilities Team

Accessing the Tool

How do I log in?

To access the toolkit, go to https://jisc.potential.ly/signin and select login.

Type Greenwich into the organisation finder, select University of Greenwich, and then Continue.

Once you've logged in using your standard University username and password, you will be redirected to the Digital Capabilities landing page where you can select the Main Digital Capabilities section.

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Data Security

Who can see my responses?

Only you can see how you assess yourself, and only you can read your personal report unless you choose to share it. You can download your personal report and share it with your line manager or other colleagues if you wish, but this is entirely up to you.

Jisc will provide the university with anonymised information about the number of people who have used the discovery tool, and how they have assessed themselves. This will be used to identify areas for development required across the university, but this information can never be traced back to you.