FAQs IT and Library Services

Will staff have to continue to renew their University IT Account every five years?

No, for Monthly and Weekly paid staff they will have an account that will run until the day they leave the University (This is tied to the Staff leavers process)

Will accounts with rolling contracts still be disabled if there are continuation of funding issues and management of the new contract

No, if the staff member is still active in the HR Staff system the University IT Account will continue to operate. Account removal is linked to the staff leaver's process.

Will my SAP Finance account be affected by the implementation of IDM?

No, The first phase of IDM will not be managing SAP HR or Finance accounts. These are handled as a separate process and will continue to do so.

Can a University IT Account be given to a student if their funds do not clear at registry so that access to systems within the department can be set-up?

In the current process of on-line registration, a student has to have their funds cleared before they can proceed with completing registration and being assigned an account. There are plans to change the online registration process where an account will be assigned at the applicant stage.

Will staff accounts be set-up in a timely manner automatically as they will now be reliant on the HR starter process?

We have agreement with the HR team, that when we go live with IDM, new starters will be set up in the HR Staff system one month prior to them starting (assuming they are advised this far in advance)