How should I use an e-Portfolio with my students? IT and Library Services

The following list is an excerpt from the JISC InfoNET e-Portfolio checklist

Considerations for tutors

  • What is the purpose of the e-portfolio for learners? Who is going to explain this to the learner and when?
  • How prescriptive will tutors be regarding the use of the e-portfolio and regarding the artefacts used by learners?
  • What effect will it have on the curriculum?
  • What programme re-design, and possibly re-validation, will be required?
  • What aspects of the e-portfolio will be assessed and at which levels: module, programme or institutional?
  • Will the e-portfolio be integrated within programmes or an additional optional activity?
  • Will it be mandatory?

By helping your students to understand the value of keeping records of their academic and extracurricular activities, you can help them to develop a collection of evidence that will allow them to demonstrate their academic and personal progress during their time at Greenwich.

It can help to introduce the concept of an e-Portfolio early on in the academic year, and then structure time in to your lessons to allow students work on  their e-Portfolio later on

You may also wish to set activities that prompt students to think about what they have done, what they have learned, and what they still need to do. For further suggestions please see PebblePad's 'Supporting Learning and Teaching' page.