Why should I use an e-Portfolio? IT and Library Services

There are a number of reasons for using an ePortfolio. ePortfolios can be used to demonstrate your skills and experiences to tutors, peers and employers. An e-Portfolio can be a valuable resource when writing a job applications or preparing for an interview.

You can use your e-Portfolio for many purposes, at University and beyond - here are a few examples:

At University:

  • To share information on your academic progress with your personal tutor. 
  • To develop and store coursework, such as reflections which may be required as part of your course assessment.
  • To showcase your best work (e.g. to friends, family)
  • To help you self assess and monitor aspects of your learning.
  • To give you an overview of your learning (bringing together your experiences from individual courses).
  • To help you connect your educational experiences with your personal experiences.
  • To help you set personal development targets
  • To collate evidence (in one central online area) of the skills that you have developed whilst studying at Greenwich, such as IT, communication, analytical and critical skills.

After University:

  • To provide evidence of learning achievements for a further course of study or professional body 
  • To provide supporting evidence for your CV (for example, evidence of relevant work experience and suitable skills)
  • To help you when applying for graduate jobs