SPSS form and license agreement, SPSS form and licence agreement,

To receive download instructions for SPSS, Amos & Modeller, please read and agree to the license agreement below. The licence code is only valid for the current academic session and you will need to complete a new form every year you require the software. PHD students, distance learners and university staff should fill the form in and then contact the IT Service Desk.

VERSION1 IBM SPSS, Amos & Modeller Academic License Agreement 2017-2021

Appendix B: Copyright Acknowledgement

I agree that my usage of the PROGRAM issued or otherwise made available to me by the Institution to which I am a currently registered student or member of staff is subject to the following conditions:

  1. I will ensure that all the requirements of the Licences under which the PROGRAM is held by the Institution will be maintained.  (Copies of the relevant Licences may be seen by application to the School or Department which made PROGRAM available.)
  2. I understand that I may only use the PROGRAM for one or more of the following purposes

    i) Teaching and studying;

    ii) Academic Research;

    iii) Personal educational development

  3. I will ensure that I do not use the PROGRAM for any of the following purposes:

    (i) Training or Education of Persons who are not currently registered students or members of staff at the Institution;

    (ii) Training Courses given for Fee or benefit;

    (iii) Consultancy or services given for a fee or other benefit;

    (iv) To do work of significant benefit to any employer whilst on an industrial placement

    (v) To do work of significant benefit to any employer whilst on a part-time courses;

    (vi) Research undertaken or published for fee or other benefit

    (vii) Research commissioned by a third party, paid for or funded by a third party or undertaken for a third party;

    (viii) Any activity which is for any commercial purpose including without limit, timesharing, rental, or service bureau use or use for any commercial activities of the Licensee.

  4. I will not remove or alter the Copyright Statement on any copies of the PROGRAM used by me.
  5. I will ensure the Security and Confidentiality of any copy released to me, and will not make any further copies from it or knowingly permit others to do so, unless permitted to do so under the relevant licence.
  6. I will use the PROGRAM only for purposes defined, and only on computer systems covered, by the agreement, contract or licence.
  7. I will only incorporate the PROGRAM, or part thereof, in any work, program or article produced by me, where this is permitted by the licence or by "Fair Dealing".
  8. I will only incorporate some part or version of the PROGRAM in any work produced by me with the express permission of VERSION1 or unless this is permitted under the Agreement.
  9. I will not reverse engineer or decompile the PROGRAM or attempt to do so.
  10. I will return or destroy all copies of the PROGRAM at the end of the course/year/period of employment or when requested to do so.

In agreeing to this Copyright Acknowledgement Form I understand that the Institution reserves its right to take legal action against individuals who cause it to be involved in legal proceedings as a result of violation of its licensing agreements.

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