Keep your mobile device safe IT and Library Services

This includes tablets (like iPads), PDAs, Android and Blackberry devices and the guidance is pretty much the same as for smart phones.

Put a password on it! If it has password protection, use it. Many of these devices have the option to use smart cards, cryptographic tokens and finger print recognition as well as much stronger authentication, so make use these if they are available.

Travel light! Don't carry more data than you really need on your device. If you synchronise it with a work or home PC consider the 'worst case scenario' (if the information on it got into the wrong hands) to help you decide if you really need the information on there.

Back it up! If you do synchronise with a PC, back up your data each time or back it up to a memory card regularly.

Delete the folder marked 'Passwords'! Don't save passwords on your device.

Encrypt if you can! Encrypt your data.

Update it! Keep on top of the software updates.

Use protection! Install anti-virus software (F-Secure and Symantec offer mobile options).

Go with who you know! Only use trusted networks (ideally a VPN or an encrypted Wi-Fi network).

Be fussy when you pair! Use Bluetooth carefully, only pair with trusted devices.

There are services available which allow you to remotely lock or wipe a device if it's lost or stolen, whilst they may incur a charge it's worth considering for peace of mind.