Connecting to the Remote Desktop service IT and Library Services

Connecting to a University of Greenwich Remote Desktop allows you to work securely on documents and files held on the University's servers from home or anywhere with an internet connection (including on campus).

A Remote Desktop session involves logging in to a virtual desktop on the remote server and using software available on that server. This will be displayed in a window on your home computer which has its own start menu and other features of a normal desktop, including almost all the software you will find by default on the standard university desktop PCs.  You can access your G: drive and any shared areas that are connected at login from your workplace computer. You can open and save files from these drives as you would at work.

  • An upgrade to the Remote Desktop service is being performed on 28th February 2017. Along with the standard software available via the platform, new versions of certain key products will be updated at this time:
Upgraded / Additional software on Remote Desktop    
Internet Explorer 11 (from IE9) Google Chrome Adobe Flash Player Adobe Acrobat Reader
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (from 2010) Microsoft Project Professional 2013 (from 2010) Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2013 (from 2010) Read and Write
Tableau Reader EBanner (AppV version) EBanner (shortcut on desktop)   

Unfortunately, due to licencing constraints, security reasons, or obsolesce, the following software titles will not be available via the Remote Desktop service.

Software titles removed from Remote Desktop    
Adobe Master Collection CS6 Suite Adobe Acrobat X Pro Quick Time Player Mozilla Firefox

Regulations: Before connecting to the network, you should familiarise yourself with the regulations for computing use at the University of Greenwich. You are reminded that when using the University of Greenwich computing facilities you are bound by the Regulations for the Use of Computing Facilities at the University of Greenwich. While using the service you are also bound to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy

Please refer to our full list of policies.

Please note: The Remote Desktop Service is for University staff only.

Instructions are available in (PDF) format for on / off campus access.

Be sure to save your work regularly, and to log off when you have finish working.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the process outlined above, please contact the ILS IT Service Desk ( via email with a subject title of "Remote Desktop".