Size and Image Quality for screens IT and Library Services

In the following section you will find the dimensions that your content needs to fit for all types of screens currently in operation. Please note that the requirements for landscape content have been updated for October 2018.

Zone sizes: 

Screen type Width Height Quality
Video walls (Dreadnought Atrium, Stockwell Street Foyer) 2560px 1300px 300ppi
4k or standard HD Landscape (ILS screens) 2880px 1440px 300ppi
4k or standard HD Landscape (SU screens) 2880px 1620px 300ppi
Portrait  1080px 1755px 300ppi

All content must have a resolution of 300px for maximum legibility.

Further information for video wall content:

The usable content area in the Dreadnought Atrium and Stockwell Street Foyer video walls is composed of 4 identical screens each having a visible bezel surrounding it. The two bottom panels are 140px shorter in height than the two top panels due to the RSS feed that runs across the full width of the screens. If you wish to place different content within the individual panels please use the following dimensions as a guide

Top panels: w 1280px720px

Bottom panels: w 1280px580px