Getting Started IT and Library Services

A quick guide to getting started

As a new member of staff you will have been issued with a computing account. This document is intended to help you begin using that account.

Obtaining your account details

Before you can log on to the University network you will need to obtain your login details. All staff are entitled to a computing account which will be created from your details in the Human Resources staff database. If you have not already been issued with your account details you should contact the IT Service Desk who can check that your account has been created and give you the information you will need to get started. Your account information will consist of the following:

A Username. This is unique to you and will consist of letters and numbers. For example: sj99 or js0236a

A university of Greenwich email address. For example:

Finally you will need a password. This you will need to collect in person from any campus student computing lab. You will need to provide photographic ID to the lab staff in order for them to supply your password. This is a security measure to prevent anyone but you accessing your account details and is necessary to protect the security of your data on the network. The labs can be found here:




Avery HillFry Computing Lab1st floor of Fry Building at Southwood site
Avery HillMansion Computing LabMansion building room 010 at Mansion site
MedwayDrill Hall Library IT DeskDrill Hall Library
GreenwichDreadnought Computing LabDreadnought building room 250
GreenwichQueen Mary Computing Lab4th floor of Queen Mary building

Logging on to the system

Once you have your account details and your department has arranged for you to have access to a working PC you will be able to login to the network.

Once your PC has started up press ctrl+alt+del to begin the login process.

Enter your Username and password in the appropriate box and click on "OK". Passwords and usernames are case sensitive so make sure the caps lock key is not enabled.

Please use your computing account wisely. For information on the policies you must agree to abide by to ensure you keep your account see the policy pages.

Remember, if you have any questions. The IT Service Desk is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on extension 7555.