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FAQ: Updated – For Greenwich Gateway Card Access

Will my new Greenwich Gateway Staff card work with the MFD's?

Yes. Your card has already been associated with your IT account. To release print jobs, you will need to swipe the magnetic stripe on the back of your card against the MFD reader (as shown).

MFD reader

Will my old Mifare sticker still work?

You can use the Mifare sticker up until the point when you have received your new card. Your Mifare sticker becomes redundant after you have completed this process. You should hand in your old ID card and Mifare sticker when you collect your new card from your local Faculty/Office representative in August/early September. The old cards will be collected from the faculty/office and securely destroyed under university guidelines as all ID cards remain the property of the university.

I am both a member of staff and a student at the university and will therefore hold two card types. Which card should I use to release print jobs?

You will need to remember which IT account you were using when you sent files to print (staff or student) and use the corresponding card. Student cards take precedence over staff cards. All users will still have the ability to manually log into the MFD/Touchscreens if required.

Will my students be able to use their new Greenwich Gateway card with the MFD's and the print credit cash loaders in the libraries?

Yes, students will continue to swipe the magnetic stripe on the back of their card against the MFD reader to print/use pre-loaded credit.

My new card does not seem to be working with the MFD, I cannot print my jobs.

The cards should always log the users in. Print jobs may not be displayed or released due to a number of reasons such as using the incorrect print account or the print job has been deleted due to incorrect paper size. Jobs may not print if no paper is in the MFD, or if there is a maintenance issue with the MFD.

Why is the touch function not available?

The touch functions are due to be implemented. Further communication will be sent closer to the release date. However the Greenwich Gateway Cards have already been encoded to enable this function in the future.

If you lose your card, or have a problem accessing a specific room in SWS with your card, please report the problem to the FM Helpdesk (, who will inform you of what to do next.

Last updated October 2018.