Printing - MFDs and MiFare Stickers IT and Library Services

Frequently asked questions about MiFare Stickers and Multifunction Devices (MfDs).

Q: How does the MiFare Sticker work?

A: The first time you use your MiFare sticker it will ask you to assign it, this is a one-off requirement and to do so:-

  • Hold the sticker against the right-hand side of the Touchpad; a message will appear asking you to assign the MiFare sticker
  • Press green tick on the screen; enter your Username (staff username e.g. aa99) as requested
  • Press the green tick, then enter your corporate password

The Assign process is complete

Q: How do I print securely?

A: The MiFare Sticker recognises you as the user and as such only you have access to your print jobs.

Q: I have sent multiple jobs to print and want to delete one or more, how do I do this?

A: Log in using your MiFare Sticker, press the printer icon on the touchscreen, identify the job(s) to be deleted and press the bin icon.

Q: I have sent jobs to print but they are not there when I login. Where are they?

A: There could be a number of issues causing this error:

  • There is a server issue
  • No printer driver installed on your PC
  • The print has not actually been sent from your PC

You can report any printing issues to the IT Service Desk on extension 7555 or via email at

Q: I sent to print and went home forgetting to release it. Have I lost my work?

A: No; the print request resides on the server for a period of 24 hours and should be available for release the next day. Please be aware that this means print jobs created on a Friday will not be available after Saturday.

Q: I work at Greenwich and have a meeting at Medway; Can I print from other buildings/campuses?

A: Yes, as your MiFare sticker is not only assigned to the MfD at which you registered it, you are able to print to another MfD with a Touchpad attached. Please note that you will still be charged for the print or copies made.

Q: My MiFare Sticker is lost. What should I do?

Report the loss to the IT Service Desk and Procurement & Business Services so the current MiFare sticker can be disabled and a replacement arranged.

Once you have received your replacement MiFare Sticker you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to activate it. Finally, you will need to assign your new sticker using the process described in the first question of this FAQ: "How does the MiFare Sticker work?"

Last updated: 18th March 2014