Mobile app IT and Library Services

The University student app for iOS and Android devices, enables students to look at personalized data, such as timetabling, and access to their Moodle courses.

The mobile app helps you stay connected to the University like never before.

You'll have access to great features that make your student experience more effective, more efficient, and more fun.

Features currently include:

  • University branded app
  • Main Menu
Splash Screen Menu

  • Timetable - Keep track of all your scheduled academic sessions
  • Courses & Grades - View your your courses, and check your grades on the go.
  • Moodle - Interact directly with your Moodle account
timetable-sched1 course grades Moodle

  • Important numbers - Easily find all the numbers, websites, and addresses you need
  • Maps - Know your campus like the back of your hand
  • News - Dial in to everything happening in the world, both on campus and off
important-numbers map1 news

The app also features:
  • PC Availability – View a list of available PCs in the libraries and computer labs 
  • Notifications — Stay informed with personalized announcements delivered right to your device
  • Students' Union – Access the SU's hub of information
  • Directory — Find the faculty or staff you need and call them right from the app
  • Events — Never miss another important event

The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store and Android Play store directly or by searching for "University of Greenwich"