Skype for Business IT and Library Services

Skype for Business is a communication tool which integrates the current staff e-mail and calendar system with instant messaging, computer / mobile device audio or video conferencing – including capabilities such as screen sharing and remote control.

University data that is personal, confidential or sensitive in nature should not be communicated via Skype for Business.  The University's Data Classification Policy and Information Handling Procedures provide the requirements that must be met and the guidelines to follow when handling University data.  This policy also applies when using Skype for Business.  

  • Skype for Business conversations are automatically saved in your Outlook "Conversation History" folder , and will be subject to disclosure under Freedom of Information or Data Protection Act. 

Users of Skype (Personal) should be able to contact members of the University directly (via their Skype for Business account), however this process can be a little confusing.  

Please ensure that Skype (Personal) users perform the following steps to ensure they can communicate to your Skype for Business account.

 Once these steps have been taken, communication initiated via either platform should be successful.

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