Panopto IT and Library Services

Panopto is a leading solution for the capture and playback of lectures. Panopto is used in universities across the world to securely capture lectures, broadcast events, deliver training and to serve old media for new uses.

What is Panopto?

Panopto caters to many types of recording equipment, from professional microphones to webcams. Recordings can be viewed on PCs and Macs via the students' virtual learning environment (Moodle).

Panopto automatically synchronises the selected content, then produces a video. This automation both significantly reduces the amount of time needed to make recordings available to viewers and improves ease of use for staff and for students, who are able to view lectures in a standard format via an intuitive interface.

IT and Library Services have created a range of tutorial videos designed to help you quickly get to grips with the basics of using Panopto within the University environment.  These videos are available on the Panopto login page at

Guidance for Students

Learn how to find and view the recordings your tutor has made.

Guidance for Lecturers

Learn how to use the Panopto system from videos and guides.

Getting started

All you need to start using Panopto.


Accessibility features allowing users to easily navigate and read the Panopto web interface

Legal Issues and Forms

The legal issues to be considered when using Panopto.

Guest Lecturers

Regulations for guest lecturers and speakers at the University.

Panopto Enabled Rooms

View the rooms that support the Panopto system.

Panopto off campus

Information about using Panopto off campus


Guidance for Staff and Students to make the most of the system