Page content & Portlets IT and Library Services

Pages are made up of portlets. Portlets can contain individual links, groups of related links, text, images, live information such as your library account and additional search tools, for example LibrarySearch

Every page in the Portal is split into three columns. 

Three columns

Though not the case on every page, typically Portlets are grouped as follows:

  • The left hand column displays content relating to you as an individual: Content in this column will be tailored specifically for you with links to your teaching and learning resources, as well as the most useful content you used frequently.
  • The portlets in the middle column contain information and links to the resources available to you, to assist you in both your studies and your day to day life as a student at the University of Greenwich.
  • The right hand column contains information and links to support services, guidance and policies which you may need to refer to less frequently. 
On a mobile device, the three columns simply fall into one long column, with the portlets in the right hand column appearing at the bottom of the page.

Desktop to mobile layout